Hidden hotel game

Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Full Game + Activation Serial Key 2023

Introduction Statement Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game

One of the reasons users love this game is that the game Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game is pretty unique as compared to the other puzzle games. The levels are not that simple at all, but you can easily find them if you use your wits. This develops the user’s interest in the game and makes it even more exciting for them. In this hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game puzzle game, you don’t have to match objects, but you have to find the hidden objects in the picture. In short, the users will stick with this game once they get all the rules and start playing it.

No Cost (Fun for free)

Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game Mystery Mod 5play is free of cost from the beginning and forever. It’s great to enjoy such an amazing fun adventure game without getting your pocket pinched.

User Rating

Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game is an adventure game & the best rating and choice among users. All items in the shop can be purchased for free in this mod game. This mod makes it much more interesting and users enjoy the game. This game does not support signing in to social accounts. It’s an online game so an active Internet connection is mandatory. The root is not needed and the license isn’t required either.

Hidden hotel game

Tips & Tricks For Playing Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game 

• No need to be afraid of the dark. Very handy at times a flashlight can come in.
• If you are having trouble finding a clue then take picture of it. The Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game will automatically assign clues for each object you pictured or see.
• Do not hesitate to utilize the Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game tools at your disposal.
• Sometimes it’s faster to use a hammer as compared to a gun to break down doors.
• Stay Cool no need to lose your mind! In True Crimes mode, it just looks bad.
• If you have a situation that requires attention, always prefer saving the victim first.
• Do not talk to anyone from outside the hotel when you are in the hotel, because, it can
lead you to more problems.
• If you have any doubts or see something mysterious, then call the hotel. They will assist
• Avoid visiting bars and clubs because these are the places where the trouble begins!
• Don’t show Mobile phones or Wallet Pages.

Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game Key Features

  • Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game is a pretty interesting but very tricky game where the players have got to find hidden objects
  • You can Chit-chat with other players, and exchange gifts. You can win uncountable money, stars,
    brushes, energy, tickets, and much more.
  • The player can also have the amazing experience of enjoying mini-games as well i.e spot the difference, find the silhouette, roll the dice, and more infinite tips.
  • Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game is so much fun. It Stands number one on the leaderboard, experience stunning hand-sketched graphics, and solve puzzles mysteries with the available pro tips and hints

All About The Game Features 

Version: 1.1.86
Size: 129.16MB
Can be downloaded for free
License: Not required
The route required: None required
Root: Not needed
Signing into social accounts: not supported
Playing mode: Online
Offers in-app purchases: No


Dimensions 129.2MB
Version 1.1.86
version code 1180

Hidden hotel game

How To Download & Install Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game

  • If you want to Download this amazing Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game but are unaware of how to do so then no need to worry or waste any further time browsing through the internet searching for a way. These easy
    steps below will assist you well, just read on;
  • Firstly, Open the site and you can surely easily find out a download button 5 somewhere on the
    top or bottom and maybe in the center of the page either, just go click it it will take you to the
    download page
  • Now click that button to begin the uninstallation
  • Clicking the button will complete the 100% download process.
  • Go to the file manager of your mobile device and open Hidden Hotel.
  • Then go for the installation option and click on it to open an unknown application.
  • Go back to installation and installation is now finally completed.
    Note: If you are still facing issues regarding the Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game installation process, you can visit the F&Q
    section at the end of the page, the F&Q section. There you will surely find a solution for
    whatever it is.

System Requirements 

  • Version;- Android version required 5.0 & above
  • RAM:– 4Gb
  • Space:- Minimum 65 Mb from your space
  • +3 years of age can play this

Q1: Can I download it from my OnePlus Nord 2?

          Yes, you can download it for any android smartphone.

Q2: What is a Hidden Hotel: Miami mystery APK?

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK (unlimited money) is the latest updated version of First Hidden Hotel: Miami
This MOD APK is the latest part and many features are updated, which are liked by millions of people

Q3: How to download the latest version of Hidden Hotel MOD APK?

You can download the latest version of Hidden Hotel Mod APK Game here on this site. We have given the best reviews and features

Final words

Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game has the best game features, hand-drawn graphics, mysterious adventures, thrill, and almost everything about it is so cool that it becomes irresistible for the users once they start playing. This Game has been tested and checked before uploading and briefs about this tool. If you face any issues during installation, you can contact us with our expert team by comment section or website email address. During installation, it must be noted that all the files in the bundle are installed, No other file should be missing. We have given the best reviews about this Hidden Hotel Ver.v1.1.86 MOD APK Game. We hope this article will help users to play and get the latest version of the game here.

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